218 Productions


This test game, now fully completed, was the first 1d8 system developed for 218 Productions. Set in the fantasy world of Waverly, you can choose your class and develop your character the way you want it! We combined character points with a no level system, in a way that slows super characters, yet allows for creation freedom. This is currently available at Amazon.com only as an ebook. The character sheets are listed in the ebook, but a printable pdf can be downloaded below.

To buy the game follow this link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00886CHB8

Waverly Armageddon Character Sheet.pdf Waverly Armageddon Character Sheet.pdf
Size : 300.644 Kb
Type : pdf

 As we are under a distribution contract, we can't offer this game for free at this time; however, we are going to grant permition for you to see a portion of the game for review.  By downloading this file you agree that it is a copywritten work, and you can NOT distribute or copy it in any way! 

waverly final review.pdf waverly final review.pdf
Size : 1440.58 Kb
Type : pdf
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