We do not accept unsolicited material; however, if you have an idea to improve the game system, or a new adventure setting you can use the contact information below.

The Basic Legal Stuff:

1) Send nothing you couldn't afford to have stolen.  Yes we are honest people; but if you send a complete game without warning, then we don't contact you (because unsolicited material will just be destroyed unread), and you saw us release something close... you would be angry. 

2)  Do NOT send any completed material unless we ASK for it.  As stated above, we may already have that idea going.

3)  Never send an email attachment to us.  They are deleted unread.

4)  Use the CONTACT US below before you send an email.  This will be the easiest way to get a reply.  We will not send you spam or newsletters.  (Newsletters will be added at a later date, on a separate page)

5)  We won't contact you unless we like the idea.  Sorry, we don't have time to respond to every email.  If you hear nothing after six weeks, assume we didn't like the idea.  No offence.  (I get rejected a lot)

6)  We are not responsible for any material you send, asked for or not, and none will be returned unless you send an SASE.  If you don't know what a SASE is, this is the internet, look it up.  (lol)

7)  If we do ask for you to submit to us, we will contact you with an address to send a paper file first.  We need the hard copy to make notes on, and to pass around the office when we are all reading it.  After, we will set up the electronic ways of file sharing so editing will go smoothly.


Submit Your Pitch!

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