218 Productions


Finally, and alternative to standard role-playing games! 218

Productions has broken tradition, and set their sights high

with Tribulation.

This 1d8, or using an eight sided die, system grants speed in

combat; and makes all encounters run smoothly without

complex systems.

Weapons are given a base damage score for realism, and the

combat system is quickly mastered for ease of play.

Once you've played their unique design, you'll see what

games have been missing for years.

This system gives you the speed you want in MMORPG,

and the challenge every paper gamer has ever wanted!

Download the character sheet pdf below.  This style is only available on our website, and is recommended for anyone who purchased the ebook!

Tribulation Character Sheet.pdf Tribulation Character Sheet.pdf
Size : 383.163 Kb
Type : pdf

Here is a partial copy of the game for review.  It will be up for the next few weeks so you can download and try it!  Please remember it is a copywrited game, and by downloading it you agree to use it for personal use, and NOT distribute or copy it in ANY way. 

Tribulation rpg review.pdf Tribulation rpg review.pdf
Size : 1796.396 Kb
Type : pdf
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